Let's promote each other

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Let's promote each other

I live in Delaware, born and raised, in a city by the name of Bear. So I tease people and say that I am the Fresh Princess of Bear... because, well, I have a huge crush on Will Smith and he is the Fresh Prince of Bel-air. Haha.

Anyway, I'm about 45 minutes south of Philadelphia, maybe about 90 minutes east of Baltimore. It's not a bad spot to be, there are so many artistic souls around here, so many talents. My friend, L, sent a Google Doc of black artists who live in Philadelphia and it got me thinking. Why did I not know most of these people!? Their art is supreme and I might need to pick up a third job so I can procure apparel from Rudy Loewe and skincare from Freedom Apothecary!

Loewe is a visual artist/arts educator focusing on themes such as gender; sexuality; black histories; and colonialism. They/ them pronouns. You can find their Instagram profile here: https://www.instagram.com/rudyloewe/

Freedom Apothecary is owned by the beautiful Morrisa Jenkins and Bonkosi Horn. They each, respectively, say that freedom is authenticity, and freedom is love. Their website says, "We are women-founded, women-led; we provide a platform for female-founded brands; and ultimately, we foster dynamic, inclusive and brave healing spaces for all women." Love this! Here is their Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/freedom.apothecary/

I'm going to make an effort to get the word out about artists and designers from my local area to encourage you to check out their stuff. If you want to be a part of this initiative please feel free to share, you can email me anytime at christy@belleofpromise.com